Venjakob is a German based company specialised in spray coating chambers since 1963. With an experience in coating for over 5 decades Venjakob is offering full automatic spraying machines for woodworking, metal and other industries.

Depending on the capacity and requirements on variety of colours and frequent colour changes 3 different models are available. The Smart is a standard spray machine with all necessary feature but in limited configurations. The Comfort is the next step up for higher processing speeds and full options to be chosen from. The Perfect is the high-end sprayer which often will be combined with an integrated robot arm for spraying of most oddly shapes you may think of.

Completing the spray unit models Venjakob also produces all kind of drying systems for lacquered work pieces. Whether a flash off followed by hurdle trolleys or a pallet dryer is your preferred choice Venjakob has it all.


Fast change between water and solvent based paint systems
Belt cleaning system or paper transport belt
Attractive for smaller companies to replace manual spray booths


For flexible serial production
Twin cleaning unit for dual use of water and solvent based paints
Automatic quick paint change system


A robot combined with a surface spray machine.
Edge spray by robot-surface spray and by conventional spray unit
Coating of complex 3D parts in through-feed