Established more than 60 years ago, Turanlar stands for European quality machines, for e.g. edge banding, panel cutting and post forming applications.

The edge bander range consist of a complete line-up from manual edge bander for curved edges up to a full featured unit with all aggregates such pre-milling, straight-end cutting, corner rounding, grooving just to name a few.

Standing out of the crowd is the patented Edge-Weld for a zero glue-line operation.

The Steinert Edition ST 152 is an edge bander specifically developed for the Asian market with all necessary aggregates on a compact machine base. The Steinert edition offers a fully equipped edge bander at most affordable investment!

The beam saws in 3 different cutting lengths are rounding off the production program of Turanlar.

T-EB 151 Edge Banding Machine

The economical edge banding machine with end cutting unit by two angled saws and two high frequency motors, top bottom trimming and finish by scraping units

T-EB 152 Edge Banding Machine

The all-rounder of the edge bander inclusive pre-milling and speed up to 15 m/min inclusive pre-milling, corner rounding, buffing units and Riepe cleaning system. The Steinert Edition can also perform straight head & end cutting for shelve parts

T-EB 156 Edge Banding Machine

Professional Series Edge Banding Machine. Apart from the standard units for bonding (auto infeed of edge band, glue pot, pneumatic cutting units, press unit) it’s equipped with a pre-milling unit, top-bottom trimming, top-bottom scrapper, top-bottom buffing. Optional cleaning units can be fitted

T-EB 601 Edge Banding Machine

Highly advanced series Turanlar single sided edge banding machine. Offering all required units such as auto infeed of edge band material, pneumatic cutting up to 3 mm, pre-milling, gluing, end cutting, trimming, corner rounding, grooving saw, scraping and buffing functions. For high speed of up to 20m/min. Optional release- and cleaning agent can be added as well as hot air blowers

T-PE 433 PLC Controlled Panel Cutting Machine

The T-PE 433 with a cutting height of 54 mm holds 99 cutting programs in the memory of the PLC control unit. This feature of the machine provides serial production facilities and standard sized cutting. The main saw blade and the scoring saw are driven by strong motors to secure a perfect cut. Manual cutting operation can be done as well

T-PF 190 Post Forming Machine

The economical post forming machine T-PF 190 is used to bend and soften the laminate by heating lamps and presses the laminate onto pre-profiled edges. It is equipped with top-bottom heating units, profile cartridge, bottom trimming and speed adjustment unit. Low investment combined with excellent results, makes this machine a very competitive unit

T-PF 590 Post Forming Machine

T-PF 590 the advanced series of Turanlar post forming machines provides the complete solution in post forming applications. It is equipped with spray gluing station, IR heating, multi roller station (for different profile set-ups), grooving and buffing for a perfect finishing. The T-PF 590 post forming machine guarantees precise, efficient and productive operation

T-RP 135 Roller Press Machine

The T-RP 135 roller press is used to press laminates onto chipboard, MDF and plywood. The roller press guarantees a perfect adhesion of even thin materials thanks to its pneumatic press and hard rubber rollers. No limit to the work piece length combined with ease of use. The energy consumed by the machine is far less than that of a standard hot press