Together with the R&D departments of well-established European adhesive and sealant manufacturers, Steinert Technology developed a product range of special sealants, adhesives and foams dedicated to the construction industry in South East Asia.

Our current stock-range of ST-BOND items includes the below listed products ; for further ST-BOND products and applications kindly contact your nearest Steinert Technology sales team.


One-component polyurethane-based pasty sealing and bonding compound for joint sealing applications with shore A hardness 50 and bonding of various materials such as concrete, stone, wood, aluminium etc. to each other


One-component polyurethane-based pasty sealing and bonding compound with shore A hardness 25, especially made for joint sealing applications in the building industry following ISO 11600 and Class 25 LM standard

ST-BOND® MS Polymer 600

Elastomeric sealant without isocyanate suitable for caulking and bonding applications, especially made for cooling areas (truck bodies, kitchens)

ST-BOND® PUR Foam 800 PUR Foam B1/B2/B3

One-component polyurethane-based Foam that hardens by air humidity. Excellent adhesion to various construction materials such as concrete, brik, wood, aluminium etc. Various grades available e.g. B3-flammable, B2-fire retardant, B1-flame retardant, available in hand-held or gun-grade form

ST-BOND® Hybrid 900

One component polyurethane based adhesive sealant for laying of parquet flooring

ST-BOND® Wrapping Glue 5275

Solvent-based PUR, suitable for wrapping thermoplastic foils, resinated paper to plastic and aluminium based profiles

ST-BOND® Polish P850

High-gloss polishing liquid for the final polishing of coated surfaces. After the pre-polish step a perfect mirror finish can be achieved

ST-BOND® Polish P910

Polishing liquid for the final polishing of coated surfaces. It eliminates signs of tear and wear as well as grid 2000 scratches


Eva-Hotmelt Film for textile bonding with high quality results