Hermann OTTO GMBH founded 130 years ago, is a specialized producer of premium quality silicones and sealants.

Our current stock-range of OTTO-CHEMIE items includes the below listed products ; for further OTTO-CHEMIE products and applications kindly contact your nearest Steinert Technology sales team.

OTTOSEAL® S100 The premium bathroom silicone

One-component acetate-curing silicone sealant with excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance. Contains fungicide and bacteriostatic with unique processing characteristics since surfaces can be smoothed very easily.Very good adhesion on ceramic substrates, expansion and connecting joints in bathroom areasetc.

OTTOSEAL® S110 The Premium Neutral Silicone

Neutral-curing one-component silicone sealant with excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance. Excellent early stress ability, high abrasion-proof and non-streaky as well as good compatibility with paints according to DIN 52452. Plasticiser free!

OTTOSEAL® S70 The Premium Natural Stone Silicone

Neutral-curing one-component silicone sealant which guaranteed do not cause any migratory staining on natural stone with excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance Non-corrosive and contains fungicides. Available also in “structure” colours with a stone like surface.

OTTOSEAL® S18 The Swimming Pool Silicone

Neutral-curing one-component silicone sealant, extremely resistant to continuously wet conditions. Contains extra fungicide and is resistant to chlorine in the concentration required for swimming pool disinfection. Excellent adhesion on many substrates, partly in combination with primer.

OTTOSEAL® S50 The Crystal-Clear Silicone

One-component acetate-curing siliconesealant which vulcanizes to a crystal-clear sealant. Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance.For bonding and sealing glass, plastics, aluminium, e. g. for glass ornaments,bonding of lattices, glass display construction, cabinets and shop windows construction.