HOUFEK is a solid wood machine producer from Czech with over 20 years’ experience. Their 2 ranges of standard machines namely the Blue and the Alligator cover any operation in the field of solid wood production. Thicknesser, Planner, Mortizer and Combi machines to name a few are the base for Houfek’s success.

The Buldog range of sanders is a complete set-up of machines from narrow units up to top and bottom line configurations. Calibration of solid wood and fine sanding of veneer and solid wood are the main applications for the Buldog but also lacquer sanding with soft rollers is a playing filed for the Buldog. The working widths vary from 650 to 1300 mm.

Finally, the brushing machines are the perfect choice for flexible applications be it brushing of 3D surfaces before lamination or structuring of solid wood.

Wide Belt Sander Buldog

Economical wide belt sander for various sanding applications.
Suitable for calibration and fine sanding of wood, veneer and composites. Configurations from 1 to 3 heads either in top sanding or bottom sanding set-up. Depending on the model the Buldog has either a fixed or a moving table when adjusting the height setting

Wide Belt Sander Duplex

Highly efficient wide-belt sander designed for double sided calibration/sanding of most board materials for increased work productivity. Various widths options to suit customer demands. Machine is based on Bulldog series

Brushing Machine Final

Highly efficient brushing machine for final adjustment of surfaces.
Structuring, smoothing and other brush applications
Especially for doors and 3D surfaces

HBK Oscillating Edge Sander

High performance machine with specially adjusted grinding units
Suitable for grinding of curved and flat edges
A milling unit is applied for the staircase production