Lohmann is one of the few adhesive tape manufacturers worldwide covering the complete value chain of innovative bonding solutions. The Lohmann tapes from Neuwied, Germany are facing almost 100 years of research and development in adhesive technology specialised on double sided tapes.

Our current stock-range of Lohmann tapes includes the below listed products; for further Lohmann products and applications kindly contact your nearest Steinert Technology sales team.

Double Sided Foam Tape

Acrylic based double sided Mirror Bonding tape for easy and fast adhesion to glass, wood plastic, stone, steel etc. extremely high shear strength. Very good weathering, ageing and solvent resistance. No screw, no further adhesive necessary

Double Sided Clear Acrylic Tape –CPT

Clear and pure acrylic based double sided tape for clean and quick bonding of glass partitions avoiding silicone shrinking and yellowing effects. Highly transparent for clear bonding applications

Variety of DuploCOLL

Variety of DuploCOLL for each application. Tapes for high capacity for bonding of wood, glass panels, steel, aluminium, coated surfaces etc. Tapes for window applications e.g. spacer tapes, sealing stripes, mounting bars, door leave/metal element, decorative films, door panel systems, facades e. g. aluminium/glass composite panels