Heesemann sanding machines are well-known worldwide for their excellent sanding results, reliable mechanical engineering, economic mode of operation and efficient service. The machines are assembled individually for the fields of application for solid wood, veneer and lacquer. In addition to wood and composites Heesemann also provides solutions for processing metal and synthetic material.

All Heesemann products are field-tested in the kitchen and furniture industry as well as yacht builders, piano and door manufacturers. Heesemann stands for many milestones of sanding technology such as the CSD magnetic pad, motion control, laser tracing and lowest maintenance to name a few.

Heesemann MFA Impression

Calibrating and sanding of solid wood, MDF, particle board and veneer as well as fine sanding of lacquered surfaces. High gloss surfaces can be sanded with the Impression range if cross belts are installed. Various aggregate configurations consisting of rollers, longitudinal and cross aggregates are available. Max amount of aggregates is four

Heesemann HSM .2/.3

Latest and economic model suitable for calibration and fine sanding of solid wood, lacquer and high gloss sanding. Available in 2 and 3 head pre-selected configurations

Heesemann BM8 Brushing machine

For brushing of profiled and or 3D surfaces and structuring of wooden surfaces (solid or veneer). The special RUT brushing unit in combination with oscillating brushes secures the best result even on very difficult designs. The base unit can hold up to 6 different brushes

Heesemann MFA-10

High-capacity machine for calibrating and sanding of MDF, PB, solid wood, and veneers as well as fine sanding of lacquered surfaces. Up to five aggregates with free combination of cross-, longitudinal sanding and brushing units. Feed speeds up to 80 m/min

Heesemann profiRounder

profiRounder is the first fully modular machine concept meeting all ATEX requirements for dry processing of all metals. It has been designed for dry mix processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper sheets.