Producing insulated glass machinery, without compromising quality, BEST MAKİNA succeeds to provide the highest quality and most economical solutions for the industry.

The main portfolio of Best Makina includes the below listed items; To get detailed information about the Best Makina machines kindly contact your nearest Steinert Technology sales team.

BWPE 2006 Automatic Glass Washing and Combining Line with Pneumatic Panel Press

It’s used for washing, drying glasses, automatic assembling and pressing with a pneumatic system. We are offering this Washing and Combining Line with Gas Filling-, Servo Motor- and Roller Press. Additionally, for oversized units as well

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2200 Best Cold XL Two Component Hydraulic Extrusion Pump with Telescopic Arm

Extruding polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone and structural silicone between sheets of insulated glasses. It is recommended to use Best Cooler freezers to increase performance and reduce waste of material

BLSS 2000 Automatic Two Component Extruder with Servo Motor driven Pump

It is used for extruding polysulfide between sheets of insulated glasses automatically.

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7000 Prima Logic Horizontal Butyl Extruder

Easy injection of butyl to spacer bars. Paper cutting is available as an option

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BADF 2500 Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine

It is used for desiccant filling of bended and shaped spacer bars (at least one edge must be right angle)
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BASB 2500 Automatic Spacer Bar Bending Machine

Bending spacer bars which have different sizes and shapes
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ASC 3000 Automatic Spacer Bar Cutting Mach

Spacer bar storage, precise measured cutting and cut spacer bar storage
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Best Filler Desiccant Filling Machine

Filling the spacer bar with desiccant material

TS 200 a hight and Speed Adjustable Rotary Table

Holding and rotating the glass whist using extrusion pump

BLC Cuttıng Table For Monolıthıc Glass

Blc Cnc Cutting Table For Monolithic Glass