Woodworking & Furniture


For edgebanding applications we are offering the premium hotmelt selection for manual and automatic machines as well as BAZ. The hotmelt range includes filled and unfilled low and high temperature hotmelts based on EVA, Polyolefin or reactive Polyurethane.

All Edge Banding Glues we provide from ADINO

Profile Wrapping

For profile wrapping applications we are offering, filled and unfilled hotmelts , such as EVA-based , Polyolefin-based  and Polyurethane-based hotmelts.

All Profile Wrapping glues we provide from ADINO


For 3D lamination we are offering, one-component and two-component reactive Polyurethane-based dispersion.

All Lamination dispersion we provide from ADINO

Flat Lamination

For flat lamination we are offering, various types of Polyurethane Hotmelt adhesives suitable for all common production lines. Also solvent based products for double side application are available.

All Flat Lamination glue solutions we provide from ADINO


For veneering applications, we are offering, Premium UF Resins as well as PVAc-based product range. Our UF product range includes, E1, E0 and Carb II certified products.

All Premium UFs and PVAc products we provide from ADINO

For veneer splicing we are offering a large Glue Thread selection as well as Kaurit UF-systems.


For board cleaning, we are offering premium VOC-free, anti-static cleaning liquid from WANDRES.

For edge cleaning, we provide certified and from all major machine brands recommended cleaning/release agents from RIEPE.