Glass & Window


For window and door installation we are offering the STBOND range including Silicone, Sealants and PUR Foams product with various grades.

For general assembly applications, we are offering a large selection of solutions from WEISS CHEMIE and ADINO

Insulated Glass

For the manufacturing of IG Glass, we are offering the KOEMMERLING product range, including Polyisobutylen (PIB) as primary sealant, 2-part Polysulfide, – Polyurethane and Silicone systems as secondary sealant. For spacer material we are offering LISEC Aluminum Spacer and THERMOSEAL Thermobar/-flex.

Glass Lamination

For glass lamination, we provide high transparency and crosslinking rate EVA-Film material from PUJOL. Especially for  decorative or switchable glass.

Window Coating

For Window coating we are offering the one-component water-based Coating solution. These coatings are available in all RAL-Tones plus metallic tones and structured.

Glass Bonding

For glass partition and shower cubicle bonding we are offering double sided acrylic tapes
From LOHMANN as well as special sealant materials with high transparency from OTTO CHEMIE.

Industrial Cleaning

For industrial cleaning, we are offering high quality cleaner in different Solvent levels up to solvent free products from WEISS CHEMIE.