The Steinert Technology Team is dedicated to its customers as well as suppliers, offering market transparency to the suppliers and excellent technical service and product availability to the customers.

The asset of Steinert Technology is the long-term personal commitment of the employees as well as the loyalty of the customer’s.  That is a result of our key philosophy, “Success through Education”! We educate our colleagues in their specific job’s as well as our customer’s in specific application technologies.

Steinert Technology is providing high quality products, complete application solutions and customized service on short notice following our slogan “Innovative Competitive Bonding”.



Introducing latest technologies for cost saving and enhanced production processes. Thinking outside the box.


To be competitive the main issue is to find a balance between material cost and production gain. Our products are always providing cost saving advantages, such as faster and smoother manufacturing processes as well as enhanced finishing quality., resulting in an increased competitiveness of our customers.


Clearly defining our field of work. Providing adhesives and machinery as bonding solutions for various industries. But also defining our aim to always establish a long term “BOND” between our suppliers, us and local customers.