About Us


With several decades experience in application and distribution of technical industrial consumables , equipments and machines paired with more than 15 years local market experience, the Steinert Technology Group established a strong technical sales, service and distribution network in South-East-Asia.

Today, more than 1,000 buying customers in the Furniture & Woodworking, Food & Beverage, Construction & Architectural as well as Textile & Automotive industry, are proof that Steinert Technology is committed to provide regional availability of German-made high quality products with a superior international and local available technical service.

Our customers and suppliers do appreciate the combination of our original German technical and commercial management team with our well trained local personnel.

Currently we are keeping a large range of various adhesives as well as other consumables in our local warehouses. Depending on customer needs and demands of the various markets, we have the flexibility to adjust and increase our local stocked items and quantities constantly.


Our current product portfolio covers:

  • Adhesives & special cleaners for the furniture & woodworking, paper packaging, as well as textile & automotive industry
  • Sealants, coatings, foams and special adhesives for the construction industry
  • Industrial machines & equipments for the furniture woodworking industry

Our sales organisations in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines are supported from local retailers and distributors all over the SEA region.

Our Mission